Upstream People Gallery

About Us

Named after the translation of "Omaha," meaning "Upstream People," in the American Indian language, the Upstream People Gallery was created in the late 1990s. The goal was to serve artists throughout the world by hosting international juried online art exhibitions.

Early exhibitions promoted the best ideals of many Americans as established by our heritage and early founders. Values of family, expressions of love, displays of beautiful landscapes and capturing the human condition all emerged as predominate themes in featured shows.

Shows such as "An American Experience", "Fatherhood", "Motherhood", "Faces", "Spiritual Art" and others provided artists with a venue to express their understanding and appreciation of each realm. Mixed media, drawing and painting exhibitions have also been showcased.

Artists from almost every country have since exhibited at the gallery. A professional team of area artists organized and ran Upstream People Gallery, while guest jurors and critics served as important contributors to the aesthetic and critical dimension of the selected works. It was their wish to recognize talent across the globe by assisting and encouraging emerging artists.

Thank you to all those who have supported the artists and staff with sales and promotions, educational programs and the over fifteen thousand who have worked with the gallery in varying capacities.

At this time, we will no longer be taking applications, but archives will continue to be available for viewing.