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11th Annual Abstraction Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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The “11th Annual Abstraction Juried Online International Art Exhibition” highlights the artworks of sixty-eight artists from many parts of the United States as well as artists from Buenos Aires, Bulgaria, China, Japan and England.

Following are some comments about particular artists whose works stand out in terms of the high level of mastery of a particular style, a recognizable virtuosity in technical skill and/or a striking interpretation of a significant message.

DON ARDAY of Webster, New York has achieved an arresting visual vocabulary in his development of the digital medium. His color field/cubistic approach is quite engaging in all the work represented in the show which includes “Escalator 1”, “Face Unresolved 8”, “Face Unresolved 9” and “Stairwell 1”.

ESTEBAN BOJORQUEZ of Santa Fe, New Mexico uses mixed media to create an unusual piece entitled “Schizoid Man No. 2” in which the jumping rhythm using eyeball configurations,from section to section, reinforces the message.

FELIX BRONNER, Ph.D. of West Hartford, Connecticut combines the traditional oil medium with collage to demonstrate the topic of “So Much to See” wherein the interplay of the colorful rectilinear meets with the organic.

CHRISTINE P. CANOVA and JAMES H. KLIPPEL of Atlanta, Georgia have the only collaborative piece in the show. The piece “2012” with its warm and cool dynamics adds to the idea of expectation surrounding the mysterious predictions for the year 2012.

BRUCE COLBURN of Washington, DC expresses with large gestural movements in his oil painting entitled “Community” with the areas of dark integrate with the areas of light in a good working togetherness.

MARY SEWELL COOPER of La Veta, Colorado uses acrylic and collage in delicate yet strong works on canvas in two works: “The Antelope Doctor is In” and “Running Bear”, capturing a richness in abstract terms.

PARRISH COOPER of Indianapolis, Indiana creates a symphony of colorful geometric visual orchestration in the piece rather humorously entitled “Greek to Me”. The polychromatic scheme makes this work very strong indeed.

DOC DOCHTERMANN of Bedford, New York successfully recycles metal to make dynamic sculpture. ‘Crimson Cluster”, “Muffled Melange”, “Spring Composition”, “Escher’s Staircase” and “”Tulip’s Twilight” all function well with the atectonics of the one central base. Also it is quite nice to be able to see the same piece in two views.

WALTER EARLY of South Bend, Indiana has an impressive work in his use of cotton. The earth tones and the contrast of the geometric and organic is quite handsome.

CLAUDIA FAINGUERSCH of Martinez, Buenos Aires has an interesting approach with digital photography. Especially awesome is “Bunter” with its fully saturated coloration in warm and cool contrast.

JOAN FITZGERALD of Athol Springs, New York has some very expressive figure/ground, acrylic with collage works. “Blood Brothers”, “Liar” and “The Witnesses” are especially strong in the use of red.

TALLY FORBES of Concord, Massachusetts paints a rather panoramic view primarily in greed and blue with a nice movement of red accents in the acrylic painting “Rainforest Memory” in which the dripping paint makes good sense.

H. A. GALLUCIO of McLean, Virginia has a recognizable vocabulary in his works in this show. “NYC / Mr. Rowan” is interesting in that the lone pink area in the context of the linear patterning works quite well considering the idea of the painting.

LISA GRAHAM of Arlington, Texas has a definite clarity with the digital medium. The three sectioned piece “Recurve #121” works well in terms of reading it from left to right reinforcing the movement.

DENIS HAGEN of Wheaton, Illinois masters the digital with a skillful manipulation as seen especially in “Confluence”. The complimentary color and the positive/negative gives this one a compelling intensity.

WILLIAM R. HASTINGS (aka Ray Durrell) of McIntyre, Georgia is a true professional serigrapher. One of the most fascinating works here is “Entrance” with the linear movements on the outside and the strong and simple light and dark shapes in the center. Also quite striking is the cool volumetric mass in the field of a warm geometric patterning in his "At the Heart of the Matter".

COURTNEY JACOBS of Pleasanton, California has a definite prolific style. The three by four feet acrylic on panel work entitled “Bipperbams” shows large movements on both sides with a thrust of smaller, loosely patterned section into the center.

CHRISTINE P. CANOVA and JAMES H. KLIPPER have the only collaborative piece in the show. The piece “2012” with its warm and cool dynamics adds to the idea of expectation surrounding the mysterious predictions for the year 2012.

ANGELIKA KADE of Naples, Florida is a genius sculptor. All of her works are dramatic, especially “Erosion” created in Travertine which in the setting among the greenery, is very attractive.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR. of Kingwood, Texas is a master with color. His “Homage to the Houston Ballet” is rich with all the elements and the white rectilinear parts nicely connect the three main sections. “Parallax Rainbow with Interior Frame” and “X and O Matrix (One of Forty)” also demonstrate his keen sense of artistry.

NIKOLAY KOEV of Veliko Tarnova, Bulgaria has been working with plastic tubing in such a way that is quite strong particularly in the up and down flowing movements as seen in “White Legend 8” and “White Legend 9”. Against the blue sky these become wonderful large sculptures.

ANTON KUSKIN of Falls Village, Connecticut creates a lot of excitement in his piece “Carnival” with the bold colors with black. The moving bands of primary color and the smaller detailed areas are rich indeed.

ED LAWRENCE of Frankfort, Kentucky uses his keen eye to find some interesting textures. One of the most unusual is “Abstract 3” because there is a wonderment about what this actually is.

GAUDYS LAXURY of Maspeth, New York captures the essence of the tropics in her acrylic painting “Tropical” with the wonderful patterned movement in all the bright colors. The square format helps to contain all the dynamic excitement.

DAVID McLEOD of Omaha, Nebraska has a fine sense of nuance in his treatment of mixed media creating a rare delicacy. Especially nice is his piece “Textural Arrangement II” wherein the layering of the many materials gives an increased tonal contrast.

WARREN MOSELEY develops some wonderful works digitally. He states "In the M-14 Nebulae there are hot gases, dirt, and sand exposed to enormous temperature and pressure. When one explodes as many as a billion stars can be formed." His works are indeed magnificently presented! With the radial arrangement, the idea is quite strong in his piece “Nuclear Fusion in M14”.

GWENLYN NORTON of Oak View, California gives the show some cut glass work. With the mainly complimentary red and green, she creates a strong work in “Flame in the Forest”.

TRICIA POULOS LEONARD of Pleasanton, California has a good sense of light and dark compositions. One of the strongest pieces is “Descending Koi” with the several small clear edged shapes together with the more amorphous ones. “Leaving the Nest” is another strong piece in much the same way.

SHERRY ZACHWIEJA POWELL of Barboursville, West Virginia takes on the idea of a special, spatial condition in her piece “Inside-Out”. Also “Organic Mania” works quite well with the bright coloration.

DAVINA ROMANSKY of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio has several accomplished works in this show. Of special note are “Cascading (Necklace)”, “Generations (Installation Sculpture)”, “Movement (Tea Pot)”, “Sinuously Vesselled (Sculpture)” and “Sinuous (Cuff Bracelet)”. It is no often that an artist can be successful in creating small jewelry and large sculpture, but this artist is quite the master at both.

MATTHEW RUNKLE of Albany, Wisconsin gives the show some interesting vertical watercolors. Especially fine is his concept of winter and the slums in his work “Decembering at the Slum”.

CHERYL SAFREN of Valley Stream, New York uses a special approach to creativity in her use of chemical effects on copper. All are interesting and unusual in the organic melodies she develops, but especially fascinating is the piece “Interior Transport” with all the movement.

DAVID SAPP of Berlin Hts., Ohio expresses well with graphite. “Untitled; 4, 5” and “Untitled; 0, 9” are rich with the massing of gestural lines surrounding the shaped white areas.

NICKY Y. SCHLEIDER of Baltimore, Maryland has a unique style that is quite honest in approach and rather profound in its simplicity. Quite nice is the oil painting she titles “Depth of Feelings”.

AMANDA SMALL of Chapel Hill, North Carolina has several depictions of her sculptural installations. The patterning and delicacies found in her slip dipped fiberglass works with mason stains are handsome indeed and show her skillful accomplishments. The series “On-togen-e-sis Series” is very remarkable - awesome

FRITZ SUTER of Van Nuys, California is an expressionist painter as seen in his work called “Four Guys”. The abstraction works well and the idea of four guys standing together gives a kind of strength to the sixty foot tall painting.

THOMAS TEAMOH of Chongging City, China could be called a true colorist. All of his digital photographs are quite colorful. Of particular note is the piece “#6 Color Movements” in that the arrangement seems to work well in a controlled yet whimsical balance.

LANCE TURNER of Morgonton, North Carolina works with the grid format to achieve a very strong and large work in his acrylic and powdered pigment work “Big Tad According to Pi”. Also quite accomplished is his other acrylic and oil piece called “Courtnay” with the fine patterning and the shaped canvases.

COREY WEST of Sonora, California has a delicate, soft colored mixed media work entitled “Kiss” wherein two images come together in the center as if to kiss one another.

ANNETTE ZALANOWSKI of Altoona, Pennsylvania masters detailing with a fine delicacy. Her mixed media work “Birthing” is wonderful with the curvilinear arrangement of the human forms.

KRISTINA ZALLINGER of Hamden, Connecticut has three marvelous acrylic paintings that are so delightful. “Jolly Green Garden”, “Frisbee” and “The Golden Age of Color” are all so engaging in all the colors and the shapes throughout.

So there you have it. All of these artists selected this year have stepped up to achieving a high level of artistry that grace the lives of many and hopefully by showcasing them in this venue, others will benefit indeed in seeing these works online.

We wish you all the very best!


Larry Bradshaw
Professor of Art, Curator of Upstream People Gallery