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12th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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The “12th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online Exhibition” contains an array of styles, expressions and media. Fifty-four artists were selected from entries from around the world. Herein are comments about those artists and their works that were visually remarkable.

NANCY BRUCE of Yorktown, Virginia in a somewhat minimalist approach yet contemporary in that she uses various recycled papers in order to create imagery dealing with referencing gates. The work “Gate to the Mystery Garden” emphatically accomplishes the intention in her use of the bold black textured treatment.

JOHN CINCO of Staten Island, New York richly embellishes the plane with an abundance of color and pattern. In “Libra Indeterminate” the sense of balance seems important as one moves up and down the vertical presentation. And his other digitally manipulated collage “On Cloud Support” he strategically arranges structural elements within a sky blue context.

ROB CURFMAN of Cicero, Indiana takes an intellectual approach in his piece “One Year, Every Three Minutes, Every Three Days” wherein he presents a sequential process to build the textural pattern.

WALT CURLEE of Phenix City, Alabama has an extraordinary facility with oil painting with a unique observance of a type of regional perspective. “Coon Gap Holler”, “Shucking Corn ‘Til Sundown”, “Taking Pumpkins To Market” and “Family Garden” are all brilliantly conceived and masterfully presented.

HALINA DOMANSKI of Yuba City, California finds various imagery to create richly presented collages. Her sense of proportion and composition bravado is seen in such works as “Lincoln and Lincoln”, “Monterey Clocks”, “Musicians Hands” and “The Sweet Home”. One only needs to pan over the images to assimilate the depth of meaning in each work.

JUAN GRANADOS of Lubbock, Texas has mastered carving. In his work “Digito” he shows a carved stoneware brick incorporating the curvature of the crab claw and unites the work with metallic oxide pigment.

DAN HITTLEMAN of Melville, New York presents a wonder photograph, “Li River Raft” wherein he shows the drama of scale and shadow. And his work “Two Worlds” wee see the drama of tonal effects together with the radiating pattern of lines that are integrated with a circular arrangement of fish.

ARLENE F. MONZON of Los Angeles, California is quite creative using stoneware to create interesting global art forms. “Burst” is quite effective thematically with the contrasting rough spherical form and smooth outgrowth parts that are much lighter. And “Emerge” further develops the idea of protrusions enhanced with the addition of brighter coloration and tonal contrast.

LEON OKS of Niles, Illinois has a wonderful sense of pattern as seen in two of his works “Home Town” developed in a vertical context and “Melted Snow” created in a horizontal format, both of which use the imagery of multiple homes.

DAVID SAPP of Berlin Heights, Ohio has a signature style that shows his creative use of graphite dramatic and abstract ways. Most attractive is “Untitled, (8,4)” which shows the large, dark, central curving formation among an orchestration of light and dark echoes of the organic staging which horizontally spans across five feet.

LOIS SCHLACHTER of Spring Mount, Pennsylvania gives the show a boost of delight in her colorful and bouncing portrayal of “Family Ties”. The dancing movement of curvilinear lines and shapes are quite delightful and upbeat. With the same style she presents dramatic effects in her work “Farewell” with more color tonality.

ANDREW TOTH of Tuscaloosa, Alabama enriches the exhibition with his striking ceramic work as seen in “Untitled (3)” and especially in the specially colored “Untitled (5)”.

LANCE TURNER of Morganton, North Carolina is an expert with digital collage with a strong sense of pattern. “Self-Portrait as Still Life with Loopsharks” is quite arresting like being very close to a band saw.

YAEL VANGRUBER of Dallas, Texas takes color and interlacing line to a high level in her work “Mix & Match” wherein the left and right become integrated in a dynamic way.

GARY WEATHERFORD of Sausalito, California develops some interesting works using acrylic-tissue decoupage. The rather transparent, medium-sized rounded shapes overlap the brushwork to create a calming, unified piece. In his piece “Laminae 2” the back-and-forth movement is quite energetic.

All in all this year’s exhibition shows that there is no limit to the possibilities in creative expression today as the paradigm shift in postmodernism is more inclusive as our multicultural community becomes more in focus. This gallery is proud to showcase works from around the world and hopefully bring to light the vast talents of specially chosen artists.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art