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10th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Online International Art Exhibition

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This year’s “10th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Online International Art Exhibition” brings together a number of prolific artists who exhibit quite a variety of approach. Here are a few comments about some of them that deserve special recognition.

LEONID AFREMOV of Boca Raton, Florida paints with a fervor especially in his work entitled “Jazz” wherein a rather complementary color scheme gives drama to the visual organization of many zigzag formations with musical instruments at play all about.

C. ALBERT of Seattle, Washington has quite the imaginative prowess in these several photomontages and collages using paper and magazines. The “Aerial Dream” series is quite worth the viewing and especially cunning is “Aerial Dream 6: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Dress, “You Must Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do” which provides an additional incentive to ponder the quote while referencing the angel-like creation.

CORINA S. ALVAREZDELUGO of Branford, Connecticut gives a rich display of mixed media in such red and black with white interpretation of the thought of “Between Reality and Insanity”. Most especially thought provoking is her work “Motherhood” in which one can decipher a sense of the baby in the womb which of course is such a magnificent creative and living form.

INGRID VANCE AUBRY of Oregon City, Oregon provides a rich composite in her works. “Perhaps Love” is an intriguing title indeed using the heart shape icon to help express the thought. With a good use of the “rule of thirds” compositional strategy, “Thumbelina” is a strong piece.

IONE CITRIN of Los Angeles, California is a master at the collage technique. Her use of mixed media is warm and rich in the piece “Shell of Treasure”. Her other two works are also quite impressive.

CHRISTIANE CORCELLE-LIPPEVELD of Belmont, Massachusetts works in printmaking and her monotype, chine-collé artwork “Longevity 2” cantilevers into the space and like a flower, blossoms out.

JOAN FITZGERALD of Athol Springs, New York continues her richly expressive expressions. Recently the addition of collage has added a depth of meaning for her signature style. One of the strongest artworks is “After the Fire” in which the abundant use of red with black and white creates a dynamic color scheme.

JOSEPH HAID of Hudson, Wisconsin has two fascinating mixed media works. “A Brief Encounter” and “The Edge of the Meadow” both composed asymmetrically achieve a kind of quality evoking time and space considerations.

KURT HAIMAN of Closter, New Jersey is a master pen and ink artist as seen in all his pieces honoring our American Indian. “Black Bear”, “Carl Moon”, “Thunder Apache”, “Wolf Robe” and “Zuni Governor” are all nicely created.

ERICA HART of Hankins, New York has some meaningful collage and acrylic works. “Corporate Greed” shows illustrative imagery; “Don Quixote” is wonderfully imaginative; “Meditation” in the use of the calming effects of blue adds to the message; “September 11th” is quite strong in meaning and is quite arresting; and “The Wedding” has a different impact in the more organic frame shaping.

KRISTOPHER HEDLEY of Gardiner, New York adds integrity to his work via combining multiple printmaking methods. “Diving Ladder 1” in its visual precision is richly enhanced with etching, monotype, woodcut and screen printing while adding acrylic to the mix. The geometry and organic qualities nicely contrast. “Isometric Intrusion” is another fine piece combining screen printing with drypoint and watercolor. And in terms of the most varied in imagery is “Schism Diptych” with wonderful dimensional aspects.

BETTY JAMESON of Austin, Texas is one of our favorite artists in terms of her sense of expressive abstraction. In this year’s show the achievement of color tonality is quite developed in the work “Wild Forest”.

SUN-YOUNG JIN of Brussels, Belgium is adept with the collage and mixed media approach, especially in the work “Life = Speed No - Direction Yes” in which the neutral tonality gives intensity to the textural, moreover the title is quite interesting to ponder.

KIM EDWARDS KEAST of Tubac, Arizona has a highly developed investigation in her totem series. “Totem III” in quite successful especially in its overall analogous and warm reds and yellow-oranges.

BARBARA J. LLOYD of Danbury, Connecticut has several interesting works in the show. Quite nice is “Terra Infirma” showing a lighter female figure with hands pointed upwards as if orchestrating the scenario in the bottom left with darker imagery on the top. “The Boy Who Would Be King” is on the lighter, more humorous side.

DAVE MANRIQUEZ of Omaha, Nebraska has a repertoire of fantastic artwork. “Dr. X The Master of Disaster” is the jewel piece in this year’s show. With a face at the top and all the constructivistic qualities, there is much to consider which makes the work quite fascinating.

JOHN R. MATH of Jupiter, Florida is a genius with digital art. His sense of the refined, with the nuances of color and tonality is top notch. One that shows his range of technique is “Shore Break” with it’s subtleties from dark to light gradations. The diagonal positioning adds to this fine work.

NICOLENA NINA (PALUMBO) of Sparta, New Jersey has a unique style. “Sonny’s Angel” shows this use of the figurative with large eyes. The story behind this piece is remarkable. She states: "My nephew Sonny came into the room while I was painting one of my B&W Angels (During My B&W period). He said "Aunt Nina, she does not look like any of the angels that visit me at night ". '"I asked him to describe what his angels look like and painted one for him. When she was finished I asked him what he thought and he said "Much better"."'

JOEL PATACONI of Wausau, Wisconsin is quite successful with a kind of shadow box format. In “$.39/lb” he arranges acrylic on Plexiglas with found objects, i.e. ceramic cast bananas, a spring, measuring tapes, and wood. His other works are also quite fascinating.

JONATHAN PEARSON of Des Moines, Iowa expresses well. In the monotype, ink and pencil works entitled “Three Thousand” and “Paper Thin - Bowdown” one can find subtlety and boldness in a dynamic play of abstraction.

GREGORY SNADER of Grantham, Pennsylvania masters the digital tools to his advantage. “Baptism” and “Xenophobia” are texturally rich and the imagery speaks well for the artist’s intentions.

THOMAS A. YEZZA of Vernon, New Jersey is a genius with geometric abstractions. All of his works are compelling. Especially strong are the ones that add color for impact such as the works “Robe” and “Sun Spot”. “Milky Way” is strong in it’s tonal contrast.

LI ZHANG of West Lafayette, Indiana has come up with an interesting concept for a global flag. “One Flag for the Globe” is richly colored. What an interesting idea which deals with peace and harmony.

The gallery has great admiration for these artists in particular and indeed all the selected artists for this year’s showcase. Such talent is to be cherished. Thank you all.


Larry Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art