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12th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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Upstream People Gallery proudly presents this year’s “12th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition” as one of the best of its kind ever shown by this gallery. Artists from far and wide have been selected to showcase various strategies of using mixed materials and digital manipulation to create impactful works. Representative of these approaches are the following artists and their works:

BLAIR BARBOUR of Yardley, Pennsylvania successfully regenerates recycled paper from magazines. “Jazz Guys” presents a colorful array with three musicians wherein the repetition of cut paper helps to suggest the rhythm of the music. “Mucha Woman” in its circular format and bright coloration seeks to epitomize the glory of femininity.

DON BERGLAND of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada has developed an expertise in his digital works. “Intention” dramatically shows men dressed in suits encased in cylindrical units amidst an active warm and cool, geometric and organic structuring. “Memory” shows a collection of various collaged images with semi-transparency here and there. “Victory” indicates a triumphalism with horn-like instruments blaring forth. And “Warfield” shows the similar horn-like form with humans inside while feather-like wings are purposefully associated.

JOHN CINCO of Staten Island, New York plays the positive-negative relationship with a vertical warmth projecting as a cantilever upward in his digital work “Totemic Presence”.

AUDRA CLUNE of Tustin, California juxtaposes various imagery to create some interesting configurations. “Identity Crisis” is rather curious as are her other works.

SHARMON DAVIDSON of Taylor Mill, Kentucky deals with the idea of transformation and in her use of monotype and mixed media creates “Transformation 42”.

MARIA FOLEY of Palo Alto, California has some dramatic photopolymer etchings as seen in “Inside Different”, “Midnight is a Dream” and “Safe Harbor” with the Infant of Prague image.

ARLENE GITOMER of Schwenksville, Pennsylvania is successful with handmade paper. In her piece “Confusion - 04” she develops a shaped imagery that is quite active in black, white and red. And with the strength of the color of red she creates the idea of “Looking Back” with dynamic construction.

DENIS HAGEN of Wheaton, Illinois has a great facility with photographic processes. Perhaps most intriguing of these works is the piece “Red Yellow Blue” because of the brilliance and unusual interplay of the primary colors.

GARIN HORNER of Ann Arbor, Michigan creates a rather pedagogical visual treatise in his hand-crafted photo collage “How the Lens Forms an Image” which orthographically succeeds as an interesting artwork.

JULIE RODRIGUEZ JONES of Sparks, Nevada has a talent using digital airbrush. Quite wonderful is her concept of showing the possibility of music in the solar system as seen in her piece “Solar Song”.

JOE KAGLE of Kingwood, Texas is quite the artist in his use of dynamic expressions. “Collage 25” is one of those bold and highly complex yet unified collages. Most remarkable in the show is his sculpture piece “Long Horn” as it stands four feet tall and twelve feet long. The collage applied is awesome indeed.

ROBERT KASPER of Plainfield, Massachusetts shows several strong works. “Metal #2” in sheet copper, tin, textile and polyurethane is bold in form and dynamic in texture. And with a kind of gentleness in comparison, he gives a delightful mixed media piece called “Whurl” with wonderful organic movements.

SHEENA KOWALSKI of Woodside, New York has a rich imagination. In her mixed media work of watercolor and old prints she composes “The Dream”.

JEAN B. LAMAN of San Marcos, Texas composes an interesting work entitled “Locked Passage” which suggests a route which is blocked off. The textural qualities are quite handsome.

ANTHONY LAZORKO of Mesilla, New Mexico takes on regional imagery as seen in his woodcuts “Al’s Garage”, “Saturday Nite at Chope’s”, “Stoop Sitting in Philly” and “Truckin’ at Sunset”. All of these give honor and credibility to various places which go beyond the ordinary in his treatment.

TRICIA POULOS LEONARD of Pleasanton, California successfully mixes media to portray the idea of “In the Nest” with the dove-like formations emphasized by its lightness.

NANCY MAFFEO of Gig Harbor, Washington presents works of faith in her works as seen in the assemblage “Jesus I Trust In You” with text helping to discern the message. And in her piece “The Eternal Wound” she shows a kind of monstrance with the host indicating that it is truly the Body and Blood of the Lord.

SUSAN KARLIN MEADOR of Tulsa, Oklahoma renders soft materials to create her idea of “Easter Sunday” with the radiating formation helping to show a kind of resurrection. With the same orchestration she shows the concept of “Transformation of My Heart”.

KENNETH MIN of San Ramon, California has an outstanding work entitled “Queen’s Parade 01” which succeeds using a digital approach with mixed media. All of the images collectively show a great imagination and skill in organizing a kind of eclecticity.

MERVI PAKASTE of Manhattan, Kansas uses digital collage in wonderful ways as seen in “Delirium Reverie 1”, “Delirium Reverie 2” and “Delirium Reverie 3”. The warm and vertical presentations help the impact.

ESTHER E. RANDALL of Berea, Kentucky creates some interesting visual effects digitally. Especially strong is her concept of “Dark Star” with the low key composition and hint of light.

BRETT ROBERTS of Silver Lake, Wisconsin has some rather handsome ceramic works. “Altered Vessel” is quite nice with its subtly positioned textural and color effects. The rectangular void works well with its proportional relationship to the larger curvilinear piece.

BARBARA ROGOFF of Los Angeles, California has a visual vocabulary that is rich in textural variety. “Tools of the Trade” is quite attractive in that the pieces have to do with the theme.

JOE SMITH of Evansville, Indiana takes on sacred imagery with stoneware. His work “Christ Glorified” is nicely presented in bas relief and warm patina. His “Give Us This Day” shows two warm colors displaying a grouping of people helping others with the Mother and Child imagery. And in “Luke 7:38” he shows Mary Magdalene gently kissing the feet of Christ. Also showing the tenderness of approach he shows sharing together in his piece “My Dinner with Andy”.

RUTH TERRILL of La Honda, California uses collage successfully, composing with monochromatic areas with more polychromatic areas as seen in “Death, Where Is Thy Sting” and “Elysian Fields”. The selected imagery in both works well together.

LANCE TURNER of Morganton, North Carolina is adept with patterning and in his piece “Hanna 5” he takes portraiture to another level with the warm and cool, organic and geometric contrasts. And in his “Scary Loopshark” he takes a more whimsical approach.

JAMES VOGEL of Petaluma, California masters deconstruction quite well in his work “Chair as Painting” which is a wonderful orchestration. Taking the dollar sign to four feet in height he presents “Money Deconstructed” which certainly makes a statement. Also in his work “Gee!” he manipulates the treble sign in music and makes it larger than life with a kind of fortissimo using great textural treatments.

PATRICIA WILSON-SCHMID gives some different expressions and with her theme of “Vibrations” she creates a dynamic patterning of a mixture of colors that definitely vibrate.

RICHARD WYNNE of Lake Elsinore, California uses a polychromatic scheme to strengthen his concern in the piece “Where Are My Babies” which has a very strong message about life.

These and other artists and their works were selected because of the strength shown in the use of collage of actual materials and digital collage as well as the mixture of various media. The gallery is very happy to present such a variety in this year’s show. Congratulations to all the participants.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art