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10th Annual Summer All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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It is indeed enlightening to see artists’ works in an all media international exhibition. This year’s 10th annual summer show includes numerous interesting works that are original and expressive, realistic and abstract, and created with all kinds of media. Following are some comments that recognize something special in one way or another.

ROBIN ANTAR of Brooklyn, New York masterfully creates realistic sculptures out of various materials as seen in “Work Boot” which boggles the mind to think that this is not the real thing made out of leather, but it is made out of limestone and oil. The “Heinz Ketchup” bottle is made out of red travertine, another magnificent display of technical genius. The carved limestone and oil piece “Diesel Jean Jacket” further testifies to the brilliance of this artist. More variety of media is used in the superb piece “Milano Cookies”. Furthermore, “Soda Can” made of carved marble rounds out the five very special artworks by this award winning artist.

LAURIE JOAN ARON of New York, New York is favored for her exquisite cut paper collage work. One of the most interesting is the work “14 Pink Tied” wherein the contrast of hard and soft subject matter enhances the piece.

TAMARA BARON of Holon, Israel submits several abstracts that remain untitled. “No Name” (10) is striking in terms of the warm, intense color surrounded by the light and dark perimeter. Also the use of the straight line grid contrasts nicely to the more organic textural treatment, all in acrylic. Another interesting manipulation of media is “No Name” (6) with the various colorful textures.

DIANE CAUDLE of Monroe, North Carolina chooses the subject matter of ballerinas to display her tender use of pastel. “Little Ballerinas Out of Line” shows a nice horizontal composition with a bit of a twist with the idea of being out of line with the others. The pink outfits and the bluish surroundings makes it work even more.

IONE CITRIN of Los Angeles, California brings together diverse materials in many of her works that are receiving notable recognition. Especially interesting is her piece “African Queen” with the hard and soft contrasting media.

NIK S. CLEMENTS of Bethlehem, New Hampshire interestingly uses a vertical format to create two special photographs. “Boy, Bethlehem, New Hampshire, 2010” shows a youth overlooking the natural growth which seems to present a nice message. And in a similar composition with the child looking out, he shows wavy water and mountains ahead.

RADENE MARIE COOK of Lancaster, California speaks about pain using symbols to portray the condition. One of the most visually impressive is “Pain - The Divided Soul”. Anyone who experiences pain on a regular basis can sense the effects displayed here. Her work “In The Right Hands” makes a profound statement about pain management by using bold colors and text.

BRYON DRAPER of Springville, Utah steps up his sense of abstraction in his stone and bronze sculpture “Closing of the Mouth”. The proportionality of the realistic and abstract is rather genius and his message is rich indeed in terms of expression or more appropriately, restricting expression.

ANTOINE FADDOUL of Lutz, Florida presents some wonderful drawings with ink as seen in “Archaeopteryx” which suggests atectonic aspects together with the upward movement. In a more humorous approach “Bubble People Crossing Bridges” and “Giraffe Party” show even more depth of the artistic imagination.

KATARINA FAGERSTROM LEVRING of Kungsbacka, Halland, Sweden has achieved a high skill level with digital photography. Her “2Lips” series shows the subtle transitions from color to color and a kind of sfumato treatment. Perhaps most effective is “2Lips 2” in the reference of the symmetrical shape of human lips. The play with the title is intriguing especially in the other works that seem to refer to the form of a tulip as seen in “2Lips 5”.

JUSTINE ELIZABETH FERNIE of Toronto, Ontario, Canada deals with portraiture in a delightful and fascinating manner. As a Canadian it is interesting to see such a work as “My Sarah (Palin)” which shows the awesome use of mixed patterns and the colorful face treatment. “Oh Bama” and “Pixels” are also wonderful depictions.

JOAN FITZGERALD of Athol Springs, New York has three dynamic works that present the viewer with dramatic expressions. Particularly engaging is the piece "The Enablers" with the strength of red coloration and the gestural markings.

ERNIE L. FOURNET of New Iberia, Louisiana handles acrylic is a superb manner in terms of his ability to blend in addition to the accuracy of a realistic approach. Quite wonderful in this show are “The Ashvins” and “Too Cool!” both dealing with marching and music.

BILL FULK of Centennial, Colorado has achieved a definite personal style. His abstractions are strong and masterful as seen especially in his concept dealing with the Garden of Eden subject matter “The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”.

MICHAEL GARLITZ of Grand Junction, Colorado has mastered a sculptural sense with fine glazing in his ceramic and stoneware pieces. Quite enticing is the work “Swart Nouveau” using a historical style in his own unique way.

THOMAS GRAEF of Estell Manor, New Jersey has quite the imagination and displays his abilities with combining the digital with illustration. “Like A Lamb” is thought provoking showing a young life amidst the cemetery stones.

ROSS HILGERS of Moorhead, Minnesota accomplishes strong sculptural works in ceramics with his work “Basin” with its vertical build up of rectilinear and curvilinear aspects, almost forming a kind of facial structure.

ERICA JENSEN of Eureka, California is an accomplished photographer. One of her best works in this show is “Vine in AFternoon Sunlight” which captures the gentle lighted movement of the vine as it cantilevers into the composition.

TRICIA POULOS LEONARD of Pleasanton, California has a way with mixed media. In “Incan Condor” she uses the complementary red and green together with black and white to present a rich piece. Her other work “Time Out” is effective especially with the use of the clock symbol and the strong contrast of light and dark.

MIKE MAZER of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts has some accomplished watercolors in the exhibition. Perhaps most dynamic is “Reciprocating Hull Reflections” in the sense of the high tonal contrast and the impressive large subject matter.

RYAN MONROE, of Columbus, Ohio presents some interesting concepts and uses of photography. “From the Series, ‘Branding Post-Modernism” Spin Cycle” is quite nice in terms of the idea and the sequential turning of the image.

CASEY SHARPE of Hayes, Virginia brings some interesting mixed media works as seen in “I Lay in the Tidal Pool” made of wool, silk, sterling silver and glass beads. This is a delight, like “eye candy” which is to say that it is quite arresting indeed. The other work “Years After I Washed Ashore” is strong in the use of the circular structure and the idea is interesting to contemplate.

LAURIE SMITH of Lake Forest, California shows a sense of humor and a sense of caring concern. In her bronze work “Circle of Life” she frames the parental hands and child’s hand holding on to show a kind of volunerability and this tender and important caring.

L. SUSAN STARK of Mill Valley, California uses the unusual media of silk dupioni and organza which works quite differently in her piece “The Aviary” wherein the color and movement excite the visual sense.

CAROL STAUB of Somerset, New Jersey creates with mixed media on canvas. The strong construction in her “Environmental Series No. 5” shows very rich textures with the central linear grid. The imagery is enhanced in its warm neutral earth tones.

LANCE TURNER of Morganton, North Carolina takes the grid structure to a high level. Especially strong is his large acrylic and ink on canvases entitled “Self-Portrait with Systematic Duplication”. The two angled views placed together is quite wonderful as an expression of self.

JOHN VINKLAREK of San Angelo, Texas achieves a striking sculptural work in cast aluminum and urethane. “The Unearthed” shows subtle color changes in various areas of geometric and organic forms.

ESTHER WERHEIMER of Boca Raton, Florida gives very handsome and somewhat lyrical bronze sculptures that are wonderfully colored. Her piece “Equality” is a delightful message and purposely near symmetrical accomplishment. And on the more masculine side, her piece “Invictus” is very strong with the darker coloration and very accomplished grouping.

AARON ZULPO of Brooklyn, New York makes quite a statement in his oil painting titled “Trapped” wherein a superman-like figure seems contained and this is contrasted with an man using a cane. The several contrasting elements reinforce the strength of the piece.

All in all this exhibition shows several skillful artists who have been selected as deserving of international exposure. We hope you enjoy the diversity in the show and will visit this gallery again. Congratulations to all the participants.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art