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11th Annual Summer All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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This year's Summer All Media International had well over 300 entries from many parts of the world, including Russia, Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and almost every state in the U. S. including Hawaii. Following are some comments about some of the works.

GIORDAN BATTAGLIN of Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada brings to the show a unique technology with digital photography. One of the strongest of his works is “Combustibles 2” wherein the central area seems almost burned into the artwork.

GARY BERGEL of Charles Town, West Virginia exploits the possibilities of an assortment of mixed media as seen in “Sweat Print Series: WITNESS / MARKING REMOVAL OF TEZITZIS”.

DON BERGLAND of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada always has some striking works. His “Eternity” is a strong piece in its use of unusual imagery dramatically presented with the high tonal contrast. In keeping with the mystery of the imagery, he develops “Requiem”.

SABINE BLODORN of Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia is a master of abstraction. The rich interplay of textural treatment with the mixed media she succeeds in presenting “Return of the Icarus”. And with an explosion of color with the textural fortissimo, she creates “Star Dusk Dish”.

NATASHA V. BROODIE of New York, New York with the elegance of simplicity, using photography, she develops “Skin of Shells: LANDSCAPE Three” which is even stronger with the reflection.

MAGGIE CAHOON of Marlow, New Hampshire accomplishes some important messages with fiber collage and mixed media as seen in “Gifting” as a freestanding altar. Another altar form, which tends to provoke a special importance, she creates “Mother” in coral-pink coloration.

RHONDA CHASE of Portland, Oregon shows a high level of skill in her use of charcoal and graphite as seen in “Jeremi and Dank”. This skill is also used in “Joey” which has a special quality in the positioning of the tilted portrait. Capturing the very young is not always easy but her graphite drawing “Kaleb” is well done. On a more contemporary note she develops a strong piece entitled “They Do Not Want To” wherein the drawing attached to masonite gives a nice cast shadow.

IONE CITRIN of Los Angeles, California has accomplished many outstanding works. One of the most intriguing works in her repertoire is “Anita Ekbird” which is a mixed media collage. The variations seen in the media make this a very strong work.

ROBERT BRUCE CLARK of New York, New York has a nice touch with oil on linen. The softness of the represented figures are handsome indeed. “Birthday Gift” is one of those rich paintings. This quality translates as well in his work “Dance Repose”. Perhaps due to the imagery and the bright and dull color contrasts, “In the Studio” stands out.

FRANK COLSON of Sarasota, Florida has some playful and highly skilled work as seen in his piece “Palm Canyon 10” made in bronze and wood. Another strong work is his clay and wood piece “Top of the Wave”.

CARLOS CORDOVA of Ventura, California has a special way of integrating various imagery throughout his work. With the overall redness, he gives clues in an organized piece entitled “Desert Experience”. His aesthetic is especially strong in his piece “The Inauguration of David”.

C. ARTHUR CROYLE of Ames, Iowa is able to utilize the properties of oil and acrylic in the same work. His painting “Stanhope, Iowa: A Brand New Day” captures the reality of the street scene.

ERNIE L. FOURNET of New Iberia, Louisiana captures visual precision using acrylic paint. His work “Brave” is outstanding in his treatment of the highly decorated indian. In a more monotone palette he achieves an effective work in “Dancing Warrior”, adding colored pencil. Another interesting work is “Eagle Claw” in which he incorporates pastel with the acrylic. His most active piece is the “War Dance” which shows a kind of energy with the red and yellow and repetition of linear parts. Furthermore, “Warriors” is another outstanding work, rich in detail.

TANYA GADBAW of Carbondale, Illinois plays with metaphor to express her ideas. “Grandma” with predominance of chocolate chip cookies works well.

H. A. GALLUCIO of McLean, Virginia works digitally and solarizes the tones to achieve a high black and white contrast as seen in “Kansas” which typographically is a rather flat land, however in this work he presents the stacking of building structures as a contrast.

SHEILA GRABARSKY of Waretown, New Jersey has a signature abstract style. Her acrylic painting “Making Gray Happy” is a wonderful, positive message.

ANN ISOLDE of Santa Monica, California captures the idea of “Joy” in her brilliant colors in acrylic. The horizontal patterns seen in “Light Ray” are bridged with the diagonal interplay. And “Magenta Square” is a delightful array of color, texture and shapes.

JEFFREY JACKSON of Hope, Indiana is a successful oil painter. His piece “Around the Bend” shows the wonderful play of light and shadow. Another successful painting is “Lazy Afternoon”. And “Salt Creek Autumn” is rather unusual in that the lavender and yellow-green is a nice mix.

MICHAEL JOY of West Chazy, New York takes the idea of the person who works with metal and creates “The Blacksmith” which is bold and strong.

F. M. KEARNEY of New York, New York captures a thought provoking scene in “Journeys” with the person walking through the scene.

COURTNEY KENNY of Omaha, Nebraska is skilled with realism using charcoal. Her piece “Ceremonial Headdress” is quite nice with the contrasting rectilinear background. The eyes are engaging indeed. “Losing My Head” in oil is rather strange but effective.

HOWARD LIEBMAN of Manalapan, New Jersey is able to create tonal gradations in acrylic. “Camel Merchant” is rich in the strong use of yellow. The dignity felt in the stance of the uplifted camel’s head is terrific. Another strong work is “Mother and Child” with the concern of the mother’s face and the interesting outfit she’s wearing.

DORIS MADISON of Palmdale, California has strong pieces in this show. Her “Such A Mom” shows the accurate depiction of a ‘mother and child’ all created in bronze. “Morning Mischief” is another great work showing the horses in active stances. “On The Sixth Day” is thought provoking as the horses emerge forth. And most striking is “Unbridled Fury” wherein the two horses are each standing on their one foot, showing high activity.

DAVID B. MANRIQUEZ of Omaha, Nebraska salutes a special person. His mixed media work “The Ballad of Ira Hayes” is descriptive and well organized, showing the aspects of the life of Ira Hayes.

NATHAN LANE MARSHALL of St. Louis, Missouri has a sense of the conceptual. In “Between Us” he creates an impressive installation using wood, sawdust, acrylic, latex and fabric, molded out from a buildup on the wall. “Going Over Every Detail Until the World is Finally Right” is an attractive black and white presentation and rather thought provoking in its idealism.

TATIANA MAWERICK of Moscow, Russia uses watercolor stains and imagery in a unique way. “Big Creations” is a wonderful use of this technique. Very creative, her piece “House in the Sky” is fantastic. Also fantastic is her piece “Moon Bound”. And “Pathway to the Sky” is another rich and wonderful work. Also, “Puddles, Puddles Everywhere!” is a great interpretation.

MICHAEL McALEER of Austin, Texas has some interesting digital photography. His piece “La Munequita” with the little dolls placed next to the older woman is a good contrast.

SARAH D. McLAUGHLIN of Oldtown, Maryland works well with ink to achieve a high contrast with rather contrasting imagery. “Factories & Flowers” gets the point across in an effective way. Strongly presented as a linocut print, she makes a strong statement in “Home is the Center of the Universe”. Being versatile with various media she succeeds with “Practical Cats” in watercolor, Gouache and Ink.

DAVID McLEOD of Omaha, Nebraska develops a sensitive approach to surface and imagery as seen in his work “Fall Arrangement”. The subtle interplays are handsome indeed.

IRA MITCHELL-KIRK of Christchurch, New Zealand is a master in the use of color and detail. “The Royal Tea Party” is quite striking with the small mice and the large cat.

ANDREW NANCE of San Marcos, Texas is highly accomplished in his orthographic works. “Art, Science and the Body” is quite graphic and visually strong in the high tonal contrast. With the use of the human figure, the work “Detail: Art Wall, Thad Reeves” is quite strong. And “Detail: Science Wall, Andrew Nance” is highly imaginative and skillfully rendered. Also, “Detail: Body Wall, Angus Schoenberger” further displays the skillful handling of subject, media and concept.

JOELA NITZBERG of West Hills, California takes a scene from Hawaii’s more rustic spaces. “Hana Ranch Hawaii” is nicely executed in oil. Her work “Laguna” is rich in detail showing the activity around the beach. “Summer Joy” captures the innocence of the children at play during the summertime.

NORIKO OKI of Tokyo, Japan creates with acrylic in a kind of wash technique as seen in “Positive Nostalgia 3” showing two youths enjoying each other’s company. The warm and cool color contrast adds strength to the piece.

THAD REEVES of Dallas, Texas shows his skill with hand drawn ink, cut paper, laser copy and photoshop to create “XYZ - Triptych” which is dramatic in the high contrast of value with the spark of red enhancements.

LOIS SCHLACHTER of Spring Mount, Pennsylvania has a rich imagination as seen in “Canyon Walls”. Her piece “Last Dance” is rather thought-provoking.

MARLENE SIFF of Westport, Connecticut has several intriguing accomplished works. “Ascendance” is highly credible visually in that the vertical column is embellished with several curves. “Remember The Battle of The Coral Sea” is visually stimulating, made of acrylic on wood. Another handsome piece is “Transcendence” with the strong light and dark interplay. And “Relationship II” is outstanding in the movement and circular parts with the rhythms of light and dark passages. In much the same way, “Relationships III” works well with the controlled pattern. The freestanding aspects of these works is remarkable.

PETER B. SMITH of Saint Louis, Missouri is an accomplished photographer. Using digital SLR he captures some important views. “Bring A Paddle Fred!” is historically significant during the days of the 2011 floods. Although simple in composition, his piece “The Jesus House” strikes a chord. “Dream Weaver” is a very good title for this work showing a woman actually weaving. His “Looking Back on History” is effective seeing the older buildings. And “Starz N Stonez” is an interesting combination.

DONNA SNELLING of Anoka, Minnesota brings forward a very good human trait. In her piece “Courage” one may think about being strong during medical treatments. Her oil painting “Little Man” is touching and tender as well.

RON TESTA of Wilmette, Illinois uses color effectively as seen in his print “Caroline at the Beach”. Taking nostalgia to a contemporary appeal he works in color in the piece “Sisters Marguerite and Bernice”. And “Susie’s First Communion” is wonderfully developed with the angels and the pastel pinks and blues.

LANCE TURNER of Morganton, North Carolina works in large format. His “Mesh Gallery Mural” is visually arresting in terms of the size and the facial expression. His large work in acrylic, mirrors and c-prints on canvas entitled “Paradise with Lawnmowers: A Monday Evening in the Middle of Nowhere” is wonderfully terrific!

HANNAH UENO of Mays Landing, New Jersey creates with lenticular prints, photo collage and mixed media. Her work “Fortress” is highly creative. “Last Tree” is also effective and wonderfully presented. Also her “Summer Gifts” is highly developed. And “Twin Angels” is dramatically created and richly fantastic.

PATRICIA WILSON-SCHMID of Lederach, Pennsylvania abstractly presents various thoughts in acrylic. “Got Pink” is quite nice and rhythmic.

PHILLIP A. WINDELL of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has a sense of humor capturing ladies in a setting he titles “Margaritaville”.

NAMI YANG of Whittiere, California creates smooth, colorful areas in oil. In her work “Egret’s Home” she develops a nice abstraction. With intensity in all the visual elements she shows the awesomeness of “Hummingbird” wherein the movement is quite engaging.

In closing, the gallery wishes to thank all those who have participated in this summer show, giving their time and talent to this venue which has a very impressive worldwide viewership.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art