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15th Annual Photography Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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This year's Photography show involves a highly selected group of artists who work in various processes of photography. Here are some comments about some special works.

DAVID BLOW of Hickory Creek, Texas has a keen sense of humor and a high level of digital expertise as seen in "Armadillo Crossing" wherein five little armadillos begin to cross the street. The panoramic landscape format reinforces the movement principle. And in his squared format "Rafting" he captures the triangular grouping of smiling children at play in the water.

JOHN CINCO of Staten Island, New York is also highly proficient in digital expression creating some magnificent abstract works in Adobe Photoshop. His "Confluence" is filled with slithering movement in an atmosphere of high contrasting value tonality. In his piece "New World" with the variation of size, he creates a kind of depth that is intriguing. And for anyone who has surfed or watching surfing, the work "Surf" is moving with the large curvature of the shapes.

PAUL GRUBERG of New York, New York captures the lush typography in his work "Creek Panorama - June 2, 2013". The foreground and close middle ground show a simple two subdivisions construction.

DAN HITTLEMAN of Melville, New York has a keen eye with photography. His "Fall River" shows the lush autumn scene with the strong river flowing strongly.

MICHAEL HOWER of Enola, Pennsylvania finds a magnificent subject in his photograph entitled "Fractured" with the weathered aspects of a building with nature taking over - what a combination and discovery!

CARYL LIGHTFOOT of Encino, California shows some wonderful works from her travels. "Hamar Tribeswoman" is an outstanding depiction of a tribe member. Her "Mursi Woman Lip Plate" and "Mursi Men" are also great representations of character. "Konso Tribesman" with the overall warmth of the color with the worn blue-gray jacket, is quite handsome. And with all the rich patterns and elaborate head pieces, her work "Robes" is amazing indeed.

ALF MARON of Berlin, Germany works in a square format dealing with the concept of the city limits. In "City Limit - 3" he shows the grassy growth movement to the right where the small tree touches the top and the bottom, whereby the movement stops, suggesting perhaps the edge of the city limits.

BERNARD NICOLAS of San Pedro, California takes symmetry to a high level in his print."Shield for Witness 5" is a fine example of his approach, wit its strong tonal contrast. And quite strong is another rich piece called "Shield for Witness 7".

ATOUSA RAISSYAN of Potomac, Maryland works well with symmetrical works resulting in metal prints. Of particular note is the work "Aligned with Life" with the subtle color and format with some slight variations in the symmetrical terms.

HOWARD ROSENFELD of Fort Collins, Colorado is a master with photography. In his "Oceano VIII : Oceano, CA" he captures the light and shadows together with the highly defined textural pattern of the sand. His "Pearl White III : Grand Canyon Village, AZ" is wonderfully composed with the immense spherical forms and the triangular tree form emerging in the distance. And "Ruin IV : Utah" is a rare find showing the geometric window with its clear blue sky contrasted with the rock structure.

CAROL ROULLARD of Moorpark, California photographs through a microscope and one of the most striking is her piece, "Rose Mountains at Sunset", printed on aluminum. The juxtapositioning of the various zones or mountains, creates an intriguing movement.

DOROTHY SHEPHERD of Sunland, California works with symmetrical construction as well, working digitally. "Structural - Mechanical #1" is an interesting horizontal and vertical interplay.

Congratulations to all the selected artists!


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art